Wednesday, October 5, 2011

School again?

Classes have been underway for a month now, and it feels like forever. It's starting to actually hit me that I'm actually staying in the same general area until mid-December. Of course, I didn't start the year out staying put. In fact, a week after arriving at Prairie, I headed south again, this time to Utah, for a wedding! It was an amazing wedding... one of the best I've been to. Here are a couple group shots from that trip:

In this first picture we were trying to figure out how to get into the place that says "keep out"... evidently they figured their plywood wasn't safe.

The second one was from exploring Salt Lake City around midnight, after cleaning up from the rehearsal dinner. 'Twas fun, but we learned something-- there aren't any coffee shops open in SLC at midnight. =( Oh well.

These last few weeks have been pretty busy. I'm taking classes, Impact leading (leading/discipling a small group), working in the dining hall, taking voice lessons, and trying to keep up with friends. It's been a good process though, figuring out a new rhythm in life.

Oh, my housemate showed up while I was gone to the wedding. We've been having fun setting up the apartment even more. Our kitchen/living room look great, and her room looks great... I haven't really decorated my room to speak of, but that might happen some day. Probably the same day as I post pictures of the apartment, like I mentioned in the previous post.

This weekend is Thanksgiving; Canadian Thanksgiving, that is. It'll be my first time in 4 years to be in the right country for Thanksgiving Day. The previous three I've been in the US for Canada's holiday and in Canada for the US holiday. Ness and I are heading to a friend's for the weekend, so that will be nice. We're stoked for good time with friends, getting out of Three Hills for a weekend, and... well... life in general. =)

Last week, one of my friends had a birthday. (exciting, I know) We celebrated with her, but then decided it hadn't been enough. She said (at around 10 PM) "We should do something really crazy!" So, we did the only crazy thing that we could come up with on the spot-- dressed up in ridiculous clothes and went around town taking pictures. As seen in this particular picture, we are loonies. =)

Yeah, my face is black. Maybe I've not dedicated enough time to personal hygiene of late? =)

This post has been a mish mash of all sorts of things, but I think it's better than nothing, right? Well, 'till another time.