Sunday, September 14, 2008


So, now I'll try to show you some pictures from the last week. I don't have too many, as my hands were busy most of the time.

This is the place I'm staying:

Here is the river that runs next to the camp. (along with a little bit of Brittany)

Here is Kaitlyn with Kayleen's guitar:

This is the bell that brings us to everything: meals, meetings, classes, etc.

This is Zach, on staff at Bighorn, but also one of the instructors for the WFA class.

This is the main instructor for WFA, Sue.

This is when everyone was practicing taking pulses (L to R- Zack, Vanessa, Cori, Mike, Kaitlyn, Erica:

This is Jessi, looking on:

Here are the feet of all the girls in Discover:

This is Robin, one of the daughters of Ruben and Sarah, who host my Impact group every week.

And this is the flag I look at every morning:

Yes, I love the flag. =) I'm enjoying looking at it every day. It's such a beautiful work of art.


Alison said...

Beautiful feet, Abby! Should we tell which one is yours? :-)

Jen said...

Note to self: Read caption before looking at picture so that you don't think the people in the picture are practicing choking each other... :-P