Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life Goes On

So yes, life does go on. I continue to do things and stay busy. =)

The students arrived a little over a week ago. I spent one Saturday moving people into the dorm, passing out paperwork, collecting paperwork, and trying to explain why there was a steady stream of water coming down into the hallway. The dorm had a little roof problem, caused by the wind ripping off a large portion of the roof... and thus we had rainwater dripping from the 5th floor all the way to the 1st.

Since the students arrived, I have continued to try to collect paperwork, get ready for Montana, and worked on developing relationships with the students. It's busy, but good.

In less than a week (the 31st), we travel down to Montana, then head out on a rafting trip (the 2nd).

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