Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week 1-- Check

Well, the first week is over. We are 1/3 of the way through Spanish school, 1/3 of the way through our time in Antigua, and 1/11 of the way through our time in Central America (approximately?). During this time, we've made many mistakes in speaking Spanish, had many cups of Guatemalan sweet coffee, enjoyed many tortilla-based meals, taken many pictures, gotten a little sunburned, and climbed a volcano. Here are a few pictures from the week, mostly of the volcano hike.

My buddy Aidan, during a staff meeting:

Alex and Evy, our new field coordinators:

Evy, with their dog Spike:

The church where we hold a couple classes and chapel:

The view of a couple volcanoes at sunset from my house:

Shorr, trying to decide which little boy to rent a walking stick from:

A prime picture opportunity, evidenced by the number of cameras out:

One of those prime pictures:

Keryn, the happy hiker:

Another prime picture:

Alyssa, goofing off:


A horse "taxi" that followed us up quite aways:

Volcanoes in the distance... can you tell that we've climbed higher?

Pacaya puffing off smoke... yes, this is the volcano we were on.

The last bit of the climb... pretty steep:

Helen's knee, after falling on the lava rock:

Keryn, with the dog that some of the girls carried down the volcano:

A restaurant sign on the way back:

Me, with a rather tired/forced grin:

This next week we're continuing language school. I'm practicing my past preterite and past imperfect tenses, and learning to differentiate on when to use which. It's fun and going pretty well.

Please pray for the group: health, safety, good spirits, and ability to assimilate Spanish.

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