Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ministry Weekend #3

Well, we're closer to the next weekend than to the previous one, but there's still time to update you on what's been going on in my life.

Last weekend we drove to Quetzaltenango. The view on the way over and back was stunning. Hills, mountains, valleys, people, animals, trees, etc... there was beauty all around. We went a little out of our way to stop at Chichicastenango too, which was really cool. In Quetzaltenango we went to the place that a nephew of our host owns and is fixing up. The plan is for him to turn it into an antique-style restaurant, with a great view of Quetzaltenango. We also went to the central park and a museum right next to it, then visited the sister and brother in law of our hostess. We drove back to Chimal in time to catch the end of youth group.

Things went well over the weekend. We had some good visits with people and really enjoyed sharing in the church's ministry.

Right now I'm with the other interns, taking a study retreat. We have a little cabin on a hill, with a couple rooms, living room, and a really fun kitchen. There's one burner element that works (well, it heats to medium) and a microwave... and quite the eclectic mixture of cooking equipment. Yesterday we slow-cooked a roast and veggies on the single burner in a tea pot! =)

This evening we head back to GBS, resuming the life of staff meetings, team meetings, ministry, and other stuff. Next week we'll be taking a spiritual retreat, then traveling to El Salvador on the 14th. From then on, internet connectivity will be at a minimum.

Time passes quickly! We've been in Guatemala since January 16th, almost 7 weeks ago. A month from today we will be flying back to Canada, done with another trip to Central America and ready to see our friends on campus again.

As always, prayers are greatly appreciated. Prayers for health, protection from spiritual attack, wisdom, perseverance with homework, and good team relations would be great.

Any questions? Comments? Things you want to hear more about? Feel free to comment!

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