Friday, July 1, 2011

The frog

El Sapo Cancion

Habia un sapo, sapo, sapo
Que nadaba en el rio, rio, rio
Con su traje verde, verde, verde
Que temblaba de frio, frio, frio

Su mama la sapa, sapa, sapa
Siempre le decia, -cia, -cia
Que tenia un Amigo, -migo, -migo
Que se llama Jesus, Jesus!

Proximo vez, mas rapido!

(now in English)

There was a frog, frog, frog
That swam in the river, river, river
With his clothes of green, green, green
That trembled from cold, cold, cold

His mom the frog, frog, frog
Always told him
That he had a friend
Whose name is Jesus, Jesus!

This song is one that we taught a lot of kids and sang with them for kids clubs and Sunday School activities. The simplicity of the words, silliness of the frog story, but reminder that Jesus was their friend packed a powerful punch for kids who were tired from standing in the sun, distracted by our poor Spanish, or might rather be hanging out with their friends doing their own activity.

When I was swimming in a pool (in El Salvador), directly below a fresh water spring, I spotted a tiny frog that had just finished leaving its tadpole stage. It reminded me of this song, and I just about sang it to the frog. Instead, I just took a picture for you folks to see!

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