Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Walk

Well, I took a walk around town yesterday evening before dinner, and took some pictures for you folks at home.

This is my dorm. I'm on the top floor, fourth window from the end, and across the hall.

This is the water tower that I can see from my room. The city pool is right next to it. Handy location, huh?

Some things here are the same... IGA and True Value.

I wandered inside to see what was available... surprise surprise, this sign was in lbs!

This is the edge of town. And by edge, I mean a very sharp edge. Looking this way, all you see is countryside.

Slightly different direction, and you see the grain elevator.

Then, doing an about-face, this is what you see-- downtown.

Although some things are the same, some things are not... like this... you'd never see it at home.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pictoral tour of Three Hills. =)

I'm doing well, been working on homework in the library most of the time... taking a few breaks here and there to fiddle on the piano, go on a walk, or roller blade. Class is actually reminding me of some of the seminars I've gone to-- 6 1/2 hours of class each day and homework. I'm really enjoying it though. Before Christmas break, I think I'll compile a list of books that I've run into in classes and want to explore more deeply. You know, like, the Garfield books and Mother the Goose... er, scratch that. No, the theological books. They're a ton of fun to read, but I don't have much time to spend with each one.

Pray for Ruth, an adult student here. She's in the dorm, but needs to move out, and is trying to find an apartment nearby.

I hear the fair went well last weekend... let me know who I know who won stuff... if you can remember.


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