Monday, October 13, 2008

Next Part: The Weekend... with my FAMILY!

After teaching English, I had a great thing to look forward to... my family visiting! They arrived Friday evening after traveling all day, and stayed until Sunday right after lunch. All day, my fellow Discoverites kept asking me, "Abner, when's your family arriving?" (yes, I have a nickname... and I do answer to it) I informed them every time that my family was arriving sometime around dinner... before or after, I didn't know. Thus, I was very surprised when walking towards the lodge mid-afternoon to have one of my teammates say, "I think your family's here!"

Yes, I was very surprised... in fact, I wondered what the mistake was, because I had talked with my family just an hour previously and confirmed that they were in Spokane. Well, imagine my even greater surprise when out of the lodge walked John Sutch! Evidently he and a friend were delivering a couch in the area and decided to stop by! We had a good visit, John was wearing "tourist" clothes... no Carharrt overalls... and I was highly amused, just like those of you who know John would be. Anyway, he took a bunch of pictures, visited, and then he and his friend continued on their way. It was a lovely surprise to see part of my church family while waiting for my biological family.

To continue with the story of my family and the weekend, my family arrived around 7:30 and I showed them around the camp. We then retired to the lodge and visited until late... Daniel stayed up with me until about 11.

Saturday morning, we ate breakfast together, then Michael and I did part of the challenge course with my team, Omega Force Nine while Papa, Mom, and Daniel went up to the cross, read books, and Mom worked on preparing chemistry lessons. Let me tell you, the challenge course was fun!

In the afternoon, Michael and Papa went mountain biking while Daniel, Mom, and I went up to the cross, down to the river, and then drove to town. We had a really pleasant visit, chatting about anything and everything.

The evening was awesome! We basically just chilled in the lodge, visiting, drinking coffee, looking at stuff online, and chatting some more. My dad gave me an amazing back rub and we snuggled a little. To be honest, I still miss his snuggling. We stayed up until midnight that night, then headed to bed.

Sunday was church and then they left. Church was really good, I was happy to see my family respond to my Bighorn church the way I did and do. It's a very homey and natural church, good music, real people, and great content. Anyway, we enjoyed church and the lovely drive to and from it along River Road. Then it was lunch time and then they left.

The End.

Wait, I should say that they made it safely home, really late, and now have no pity for me in relation to the food here... =) ... it's good.

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Alison said...

Yep, it was AWESOME (the visit, I mean. The food was just awesome :-)