Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Last Week - An Assortment

This last week, after my family headed home, I had quite the mixture of events happen. Monday was an "off" day... which means something, but not much. We always end up with random meetings called at various times of day, extra activities, etc., so the day was technically off, but still busy enough.

Tuesdya was a fun day all the way around. It was titled "Survival Class," and as such, we learned basic survival tips and procedures, as well as leadership in survival settings. And, the best part, we learned fire building! (Obviously, I already knew how to build a fire... but I love building fires!) In the morning, and one hour of the afternoon, we were in the classroom, discussing different scenarios and subjects, watching fighter pilot clips, and generally getting a feel for what a survival scenario is and how to deal with it.

*Note: at this point I should explain a little of the background of the teacher for this one-day class. He is a former Air Force fighter pilot who now works for Southwest Airlines... yes, it made the class a lot of fun!

So, then in the rest of the afternoon, we went to the woods. We walked around, talked about locations for safety, finding help, hiding, etc. We also discussed types of fire starter, which branches will burn, sap wood, and what plants are good for what. Then we each built our own fire with a flint and steel.

It had rained in the morning, so we had to work a little more to find good fire starter, but I soon had plenty of stuff gathered to light a decent fire. In fact, I was quick enough to be the first to start my fire! I then warmed up my hands and watched the newbies work on theirs. =) Okay, and I did give them a hand, and I did encourage them... but I wanted to gloat so badly. I'm just a pyromaniac at heart, that's all. Need to buy my own flint and steel... it was way too much fun. ~Smile~ So, that was Survival Class.

Wednesday through Friday we had personality tests/discussions and Spiritual Formation class. It was really neat seeing people find out who they were, at least personality-wise, and the teams really recognized some of their problem areas that could use improvement.

Friday afternoon, a retreat group came in from a Christian school in Ephrata, so the lodge was busier than usual... I ended up "hiding" in the library with a couple friends for most of the weekend! It was a lot of fun actually... very pleasant.

And so passed another fun and busy week. For those of you who would like to read the Discover newsletter, take a look at this link: I suspect you'll really enjoy it, especially some of the pictures.

Till later,
Assuming the creek doesn't rise
Also assuming that the rapture doesn't happen,
Also assuming my fingers don't fall off,
And assuming many other things...
If the Lord Wills,

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