Monday, December 7, 2009


On August 31st, 2009, we traveled down to Montana to begin our adventures outside of the classroom. Two days after arriving we left on a rafting trip, quite similar to the one last year. The difference was that our time outdoors didn't end with the rafting trip, but continued straight into a camping after that. In total, we spent 9 nights outdoors. To put that in perspective, we had 10 days without showers, toilets, stoves, houses, tents (we had tarps), and many other luxuries which we normally enjoy. Here are some pictures from that time:

Before taking off, we loaded things up:

Then we got our picture taken by a tree:

Going through a rapid:

Waiting to jump off a cliff:

At the end, we got our picture taken by the van:

Alyssa and me in the van on our way to the camp site:

The shelter that all 17 girls stayed in:

Wilderness First Aid Class!

We did some initiatives... Jordan and I working on MISdirecting Jon:

The entire group, after rafting AND camping:

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