Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rotations and Specialization

After the rafting and camping trip, we settled into doing skills rotations and then specialization. I led the ministry rotation and specialization.

For rotation, we went to Missoula, Montana, touring different ministries in the city and learning about what they do. I don't have a lot of pictures from that, but here's the debrief circle at a coffee shop in Missoula:

For specialization, we went to Spokane, Washington, and helped out at two homeless ministries: Cup of Cool Water, which is a place for homeless youths to drop in and get help; and City Gate, which is a church that runs a drop-in place for homeless and low-income people of all ages. If you want to see a little more about their ministries, check out their websites: and

Here are some pictures from specialization:

Outside of CCW:


Different people's tags:

A painting at CCW:

Cool people who volunteered at CCW:

A prank we pulled:

Hanging out at CCW:

A cool mural we posed next to:

At the City Gate:

Walking through Spokane:

My team:

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