Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Few Pics

Well, I took a few pictures yesterday, and uploaded them today. Here are a couple in front of the language school.

The guys, sitting on the curb. L to R are: Brent, Andy, Jake, Chris, Mike, and Jordan.

Brittany, sitting in the sun

This is CEMI. First, my bed. Isn't the bedspread pretty?

This is the door to my room, I share it with two other girls right now, but there will likely be one or two more later.

Here's the building where the guys sleep, and where our classroom is located.

Here's our classroom.

This is the pond on the grounds.

And this is the main building, where the kitchen, computer lab, keyboard, and common area are. The Karlsons (our directors) also live there.

Hope you enjoyed the scenic tour!

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