Friday, January 23, 2009

More pictures

Jordan, who pretends to hate my camera.

Mike, my language partner.

Sarah (my roomie at Prairie) and Vanessa (great girl)(a poor picture)

After the Recon meeting, we had Impact Group, going first to an ice cream shop:

Then we went to the Spanish Embassy. Stephanie had been singing the praises of the bathroom, so we visited that, then looked at a bunch of the artwork around the embassy.

This is a display made of wood that Jordan really liked... and actually *wanted* me to take a picture of.

Abstract Art: Anyone know what it means?

My team, having fun with the abstract art:

The US flag, losing stars (symbolizing the disintegration of the Union?):

The back side of a church that was ruined in a huge earthquake:

The front side of the church and the Spanish Embassy (red building on right):

Discover girls walking along the street:

Brittany, having fun:

And the coffee shop where I get internet:


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Alison said...

Very nice, Abby! Thanks!