Saturday, January 31, 2009

Two Weeks

We moved to Fuego University yesterday. Immediately after Spanish school ended, we loaded our bags into two, count them, two buses and drove about 15 minutes to San Pedro, where CEMI runs a little compound that hosts short term mission teams. It is SO beautiful here! We have dorm rooms with 4 or 5 girls in each room, all six guys together, and a lovely main building with couches, a keyboard, drums, guitars... and wireless internet in the whole place!

Over the next week, we will be taking the chicken bus to Antigua each day for language school. There are two theories behind the term "chicken bus." 1) people are packed into them like chickens and 2) they used to transport chickens on top of the buses.

Well, it's been two weeks since we came to Guatemala. Since then, I've learned quite a few things:

1. If you approach a one-way street going left, but want to go right, just turn onto it going left and back up.

2. The unofficial national sport of Guatemala is women watching.

3. Internet is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing when you have it, but a curse when you lose it in the middle of an IM conversation.

4. Spanish is incredibly similar to French, but easier to learn. The grammar is almost identical but the spelling is very basic and uncomplicated.

5. Volcanoes are fun to watch, especially when they puff smoke regularly.

6. It is possible to have Spring Fever in the middle of winter. Very possible.

7. Guatemalans in general are very polite and helpful, even if your Spanish isn't very good.

8. Widow makers are simple to use, even if pleasant. Getting hot water isn't hard, but getting hot water combined with plenty of pressure is impossible.

9. Cilantro is my new best friend.

10. God is good. But I already knew that one.

Keep praying for the team. We've got some people that aren't feeling well, and others are on a recon trip to El Salvador, visiting our ministry sites for later to plan things.

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