Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hiking an Active Volcano!

Yesterday, a bunch of our group climbed the active volcano, Pacaya. Our field director, Mauricio, and his wife Myrna joined us. We also had two guides, Roberto and his son, who have been guiding groups up Pacaya for many years.

The beginning of the hike was really steep, so we stopped regularly for breaks. The breaks were also great for taking pictures.

This was the volcano we were climbing, Pacaya.

L to R: Myrna, Kaitlyn, Mauricio, and Brent... on cooled lava.

The guide, Roberto

Kaitlyn cooking marshmallows over lava

Jake and Vanessa



Open end of lava tunnel




Kaitlyn and sunset

I'm out of time to write more tonight... I'll pot more details later!

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