Sunday, January 4, 2009

So... Yeah

Not sure it even needs to be said, but I haven't updated this in quite awhile. Where to start?

Let's see, since my last update I've finished a semester of college. I kept up with my studies pretty well, made some more friends on campus, played music, went to the Reserve (more on that in my next post), tried ice skating for the first time, and got fed up with group projects. =)

For Reading Break, I stayed on campus, holed up with books, movies, and assignments to work on. It was relaxing, and a nice time to catch my breath from the busy schedule.

I got involved with a prayer group on campus that prays for the student body and also specific needs as they come up. It's been really neat, and I appreciate the closeness we developed in praying for each other.

Pictures-wise, I guess I don't have a whole lot except for ones of the Reserve, which I'll include in the Rez-specific post.

I finished the semester on December 9th with a communications final and then an impromptu party. I flew home the next day in time to talk to my grandma for a little while before she died the next day.

Christmas break consisted of a LOT of activity, including, but not limited to, unpacking, ironing (and lots of it!), cooking, cleaning, a funeral, numerous family activities, Christmas caroling w/Awana, practicing music, learning a little Spanish, pre-reading textbooks, shopping for clothes for Guatemala, getting my last shot in the arm, and a little bit of sleep. I have to say, Christmas Break is named that in a more wishful sense rather than reflecting reality. I'd rather have that, and see my family, than have no break at all though. =)

I'm currently sitting in the Vancouver, B.C. airport, waiting for my next flight. The view here is gorgeous, mountains and snow. The flight from Seattle was even prettier, with row after row of steep, snow-covered mountains. The cloud cover was high enough, and our cruising altitude low enough, that we flew under the clouds the whole way. Well, in about 6 hours, I'll be near or at campus, in the land of almost-perpetual ice and snow. ready to hit the workload again.

Prayer requests:

- The next two weeks, I'll have one complete class, and part of another: New Testament is the complete class, and Preparation for Intercultural Ministry is a continuing one. Pray that I can focus on my studies and do well.

- I'll be preparing to go to Guatemala, as will the other Discover students. Pray that things would go smoothly.

- Pray that I remember to pray for you all. I do my best to remember you in my prayers, and if there's something specific you'd like me to pray for, let me know.

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